Too Many WIPs!

One of my goals for 2019 is to finish all my “Works in Progress.” I know that every crocheter has plenty of unfinished projects, but some of mine are pretty shameful, mostly because it wouldn’t take much to get them done. I have no excuse for how long these have been neglected.

LA Lakers Bear

Pattern from Cute Little Animals by Amy Gaines

I planned to give this bear to my sister because she loves the LA Lakers. I’m sure I started this at least six years ago, but never put it together. I had this elaborate plan to get purple embroidery floss and turn his shirt into a Lakers jersey. The good news is that she’s still obsessed with the Lakers, and her birthday is in April!

Scooter Pup

When my grandmother died, I inherited her yarn stash. She had a ton of soft baby yarn, so I started crocheting squares to put together into a blanket. I intended to give it to the next grandchild, but that plan failed when two of my cousins had babies due at the same time. There were only enough squares for one blanket. I decided to make stuffed toys for them instead, but didn’t quite get to it. All this guy needs is ears! There are four kids now, so I need to get moving if I’m going to give them their toys before they are too old!

Brain Hats

I started making these for the Science March in 2016. I’m not a huge fan of knitting, but the I-Cords weren’t that bad. I think the problem is that I’m dreading the assembly step!


Pattern from Even More Star Wars Crochet by Lucy Collin

I wanted to make as many Star Wars characters as possible before the craft show I did in November, but it didn’t happen. (I blame grad school.) All poor Greedo needs is arms and a mouth and then he’ll be able to agree that Han shot first.

These aren’t the only WIPs I need to finish, but they are the ones I feel most guilty about. I hope this post will motivate me to get them done!

How many WIPs do you have laying around? Maybe we should cheer each other on as we get them down to zero!

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