Where did February go???

My goal of posting every month only lasted a month! In my defense, I did have two posts planned out for February, but it was ridiculously hectic and bad weather kept forcing me to rearrange my life. I kept telling myself that I’d have time to post, but then I realized yesterday that February was gone. Oops! The good news is that I posted THREE times in January, and I have a lot planned for March.

March is National Crochet Month and I’m participating in TWO Instagram challenges. I’ve noticed that fiber artists are an incredible group of people, and connecting with them brings me so much joy. Yesterday was the first day, and I’m already having tons of fun with this.

These challenges are pushing me to share more of my ideas, connect with more of my fellow crocheters, be more creative, and improve my photography.

Definitely check out the organizers of these challenges. They have amazing blogs, Instagram accounts, and Facebook pages.

Oh, and definitely participate in these challenges!

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