Book #3 Complete, On to Shelf #5

The Underdogs: A Novel of the Mexican Revolution, was good. I didn’t love it, but I learned a lot and I’m glad I read it. 

And now for bookshelf #5!

Since it’s Nonfiction November, I’ll read Nobody Knows My Name by James Baldwin. Once again, I’ve read most of the books on this shelf. Apparently I prefer authors whose names place them at the beginning of the alphabet. 

Books I’ve Read:

  • James Baldwin The Fire Next Time
  • James Baldwin Go Tell It on the Mountain
  • James Baldwin Tell Me How Long the Train’s Been Gone
  • Kelly Barnhill When Women Were Dragons
  • Ronald H. Balson The Girl From Berlin
  • Ronald H. Balson Once We Were Brothers
  • Ronald H. Balson Saving Sophie
  • Ronald H. Balson Karolina’s Twins
  • Iain Banks The Wasp Factory

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