Shelf #19 Complete, On to Shelf #20

I read the majority of the stories in Sinking Bell in one night. They were excellent, but I probably should have taken more time to think and process them, especially since the endings of the stories were ambiguous. I was too immersed in Bojan Louis’s writing, and I didn’t feel like slowing down. What stood out to me was how distinct each story and character was. Yes, the style of writing in each story was similarly captivating, and there were common threads running through the collection, but each character had a clear persona and voice. I’ve read a couple books recently where the authors didn’t do the best job of making characters not seem like nearly the same person, which is why this stood out to me the most. It didn’t surprise me to learn that Louis teaches creative writing. 

Now for shelf #20!

Ah, Cormac McCarthy. A student just finished reading Blood Meridian, and I told her to read No Country for Old Men so we can discuss The Judge, Anton Chigurh, and what it means to be evil. She thought that was a great idea. Yes, you should probably worry about us. That said, the only book by McCarthy I have not read is Cities of the Plain, the third book in the Border Trilogy, and since I didn’t love the first two, I will not be reading that now. Instead, I have decided to read The Tattooist of Auschwitz. I’m halfway through, and it’s good, so far. I’ll save my thoughts for when I finish the book, because I’m sure I’ll have plenty.

Books I’ve Read:

  • James McBride Deacon King Kong
  • Cormac McCarthy All the Pretty Horses
  • Cormac McCarthy Blood Meridian
  • Cormac McCarthy The Crossing
  • Cormac McCarthy No Country for Old Men
  • Cormac McCarthy The Road
  • Larry McMurtry The Last Picture Show
  • Mary McGarry Morris A Dangerous Woman

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